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The SIAM Job Board offers job seekers and employers a unique and easy way to connect. Job seekers can set up a personal account to find jobs, manage resumés, and set up job alerts. Employers can set up their personal account online to quickly post jobs, search through resumés, and manage their recruiting online. It is fast and easy to self post your recruitment advertising, and your results will come to you that much quicker! The rates are competitive, and are independent of the size of your ad.

Career Development: SIAM has many resources for students or established mathematicians to further their careers.

“We had an extremely challenging and specific job requirement. I was more than a bit concerned that we wouldn’t find the right person because these types of people don’t tend to post their resumes on job boards and their LinkedIn profiles often don’t include enough detail to be found. We used the SIAM job posting and the targeted mass email. It was extremely effective. Now, whenever I have open positions that I think can benefit from this, I ALWAYS recommend this to the hiring managers that I work with. SIAM continues to be a go-to resource for Siemens PLM Software / Siemens Digital Industries Software “ - Holly Smith, Siemens Digital Industries Software