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The College of Engineering at UC Santa Barbara is an amazing place. It's set in a beautiful part of the world, a place that beckons you to explore, cycle, surf, kayak, swim and run -- and occasionally even bring your work to the beach.

But there's serious work being done here. We are considered global leaders in bioengineering, chemical and computational engineering, materials science, nanotechnology and physics. We boast five Nobel Laureates (four in sciences and engineering) and one winner of the prestigious Millennium Technology Prize. We thrive in a uniquely-successful interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial culture. Our professors' research is among the most cited by their peers, evidence of the significance and relevance of their work.

Beauty and brains. Breakthrough research. A focus on applying our discoveries to business and industry. A start-up attitude. Fascinating professors and smart students. What more could you want?

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at UCSB is a diverse and vibrant group of faculty, staff and students carrying out top-level and award winning research and education. The department is comprised of five main areas of excellence: Dynamics and Control (DCR), Thermal/Fluidic systems (TFS), Micro/Nanoscale Science (MEMS), Computational Science and Engineering (CSE) and Solids, Materials and Structures (SMS). In addition, many of our research themes are synergistic, comprising multiple areas. The department has an extremely strong presence in Systems Biology, which we are currently expanding. Faculty in Controls, Computation, Solids, and MEMS all are part of the ongoing efforts in systems biology. Systems biology allows us to gain understanding about how biological processes function, and ultimately, can be controlled. This understanding can revolutionize everything from how to perform better (understanding of the sleep/wake cycle) to disease prevention/treatment. Additionally, our focus on energy efficiency also draws from Dynamics/Control, MEMS, Fluids, etc. in its quest to develop strategies for energy savings in buildings and energy harvesting stray sources.

The ECE Department at UCSB is firmly established among the top 20 ECE departments in the Nation, and it is clear from our Points of Excellence that, based on every measure except size, the ECE Dept today is among the very best. The ECE department attracts some of the top faculty researchers from academia and industry. Research in the ECE department is categorized into four focus areas: Communications & Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, Control Systems, and Electronics & Photonics. ECE faculty partner their research efforts with industry, government, outside academic institutions, other UCSB departments, and within the department.

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